Data Science Consulting

siti-icon-set-final-ai-05-06-1Data scientists are in high demand and short supply.  Fortunately, we have access to some of the best data scientists who will consult with you.

With the convergence of sensors, wireless networking, andcheap storage,most organizations today are awash in data surrounding their activities. Cloud computing and advances in machine learning have together enabled the analysis of this data to develop insights pertinent to their business.  Early adopters have attained a strategic advantage via these insights that have contributed significantly to their profits.   Now, more companies are finding themselves in new territory, needing to develop predictive analytics and big data capabilities.

Hiring a data scientist does not guarantee that the scientist will know the right problems with maximal impact in the company or domain.  This skill is very different and involves knowledge of systems thinking (systems engineering, systems architecture and system dynamics) together with experience in multiple domains and innovation methodologies. Together these skills provide the ability to identify opportunities that may not be visible to experts steeped within a single domain.

Our services offer a unique opportunity to rapidly engage in the world of data science.  Based on our partnerships, we have developed a unique workshop designed to help organizations discover ways to maximize their business objectives through advanced data science techniques.

Your return on investment is realized  as our predictive models become smarter over time.

There are limited outsourcing options for data science for small and medium sized organizations — until now. Based on our partnerships, we have developed a unique Data Science On-Ramp package, designed to help organizations identify opportunities for data science.